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Where can I buy this rolling tool box?


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Thank you very much for the information.  I couldn't find it anywhere local so I bought part of the Dewalt tough system instead.  The tuff system is a little expensive, but I really like it so far.  It just seems more durable than some of the other options and has a way better layout for things like blades, hole saw bits, and etc.  Plus, if I drive an hour to a Dewalt factory outlet, I will have spent enough money and time that the Dewalt tough system is a better deal anyway. 

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Hey, I made an assumption to the box you where talking about, and I assumed wrong! I have no idea as to where you can find this box, as I only work with the DeWALT brand. If you can find a US model number, then just call your nearest service center and see if they have it/can get it for you.

Sorry for my mis-information!

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Yes, I do believe that toolbox is the same exact tool box as the yellow one.  I actually found that toolbox right after my first post.  I found it at toolbarn for a decent price, but I really don't want to buy something that I can't see.  I thought the stanley 4-1 rolling tool box looked nice, and then I saw how flimsy it was in the store so I would be nervous to buy without being able to touch. 

I don't think it matters anymore because I am absolutely impressed with the Dewalt tough system boxes.  I bought the extra large box today at my local store.  I think the Dewalt tough system is pretty sweet so I don't want the stanley box anymore.  I won't buy the expensive dewalt carrier, though.  They stack really nice so I will just buy a cheap dolley and a bungee chord.

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