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Dewalt DW089K Line Laser


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This showed up today


I needed a new line laser and was not even thinking about Dewalt or a third beam. My requirements are simple, two line cross-hair, and I've been pretty happy with the Leica L2 up to this point.

This cost a little more than I planned to spend, but for what it is this is a really good deal:

  • Cheaper than a lot of 2-line 180 degree lasers and this has the extra beam.
  • The lines really crisp and bright compared to a lot of other lasers I looked at.
  • Each beam has it's own on/off button. Nothing could be more simple and so much better than the one-button cycle-thu designs.
  • Metal cage to protect the laser. Sooner or latter they get in the way and get whacked so I liked the added protection.

Although I don't need the 180-degree lines, or third line it nice to have and for the price this was a really good deal. I'm looking forward to using it.

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