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Tracksaw clamps

Mr. Yellow

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So, what's the deal between the different models of the tracksaw clamps (DWS5026)

When I bought my tracksaw and clamps I received these


Yesterday I received another pair which I intend to use with my workstands.

They look like this, but are slightly different. The lock-release is not inside the handle but in front of it.


And then there's this one, that is used to advertise the clamps.

I've never actually seen these with the yellow parts. Are these an early model or something?

Just curious...


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Hi Mr Yellow..

The clamps in the first picture are the one's that have been available for the first 3-4 years of sale with the track-saw (or plunge saw as we call it in UK/Europe).. The second picture is (i believe) what should have been supplied. The extra 'spacer' on the clamp allows you to clamp onto thinner pieces of timber (or sheet material) and should have been supplied as standard (i believe) as without these spacers, the clamps sometimes cause a problem when trying to release as they are so close to the workpiece.

In fact, these spacers have now been supplied for a little while with the clamps.. so your photograph number 2 is in fact now out of date as the clamps have now been superseded again.

The clamps that I think you might have received now are slightly smaller than previous years, have the removable spacer on them, and have the release button (as you said) in a different position. They are about 12mm (half inch) smaller in the size of the Jaw (compared to last years) and feel slightly lighter..

The oiriginal clamps where increasing in price beyond what Dewalt wanted to pay, so they sourced a cheaper alternative.

I have both sets, and they both do the same job. Last years style definitely feel better in the palm of your hand, but the smaller one's for this year still do the same job. In fact, I have got a track-saw in a DS300 tough box, along with spare edging strip, 3 spare blades, 2 clamps (new style) and a 90 degree attachment.

I will post up some photo's of this later, along with the 2 styles of clamps..

As for your last photo, I think this is Typical Dewalt advertising. They release computer generated images of stuff all the time, and never actually release the final article. To my knowledge (and I stand to be corrected) these have never made it to market)..

Hope this clears things up..

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Aaah, so that's where the extended spacer is for. It looked kinda weird at first, but makes sense actually.

You are right. The ones I have now do have the removable spacer and overall are lighter and smaller.

Besides the different position of the release lever.

They both work the same, but I agree with you. I do like the previous version over the current model.

It feels more comfortable.

I too have the saw in a DS300 with the clamps and different blades. Still need to get me the T-square.

As for the last photo. It's common to see product images which differ from the actual product.

I did notice on one of your pictures from your van, that you actually have one of these with the yellow parts.

Looks better over the all black version.

Anyway, thanks for clearing it up. Although it doesn't really matter it was something I was curious about, seeing the different models around the net.

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Wow... you've got a sharp set of eyes to spot that one...

That was the first ever prototype clamp. In fact it was a shop bought clamp that had the top part of the Clamp removed, and the Bar section welded on. That was prior to Dewalt even knowing whom they were going to buy any from. They still only had black rubber pads on the clamp end though..

If you notice, I have cut it down a lot, and put a bolt through the bottom to stop the clamp sliding off the main bar.

I use this one for Cutting doors in height without taking them off their Hinges. For that operation, you need to use the 90 degree Square as well....

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It's about the details, ha ha

I see it has been altered, yet it's not very clear to see in the picture.

Nice to know how these things come together.

Does it work well, cutting doors without taking them off the hinges?

Never tried it like that, though I've seen DeWALT advertise this method as one of the functions from the tracksaw.

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That's the one I got now. The newest version (with the spacer)

They don't feel as solid as the previous model. Mainly because they are smaller ofcourse. Do like the yellow and black one. A shame Gross Stabil no longer manufactures clamps, otherwise I would've bought me a pair.

That rail looks good! Really something special.

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