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Controlling Inrush Current

Jim D.

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I have a DeWalt DW713 10-inch compound miter saw that constantly trips my 15 amp house circuit.  Nothing else is running on this circuit.  Beside running a new 20 amp circuit to my garage (finished basement ceiling) at a cost of at least $300, is there an inrush current limiting device I can use at my garage tool outlet or replace the 15 amp circuit breaker?

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Normaly the saw wont trip a 15 amps breaker onless your using a 16 or 14 gauge extension cord you need a 12 gauge or lower like a 10 gauge if you need an extension or better plug direct in the outlet if it still trip the breaker run a 12 gauge wire on a 20 amps breaker will do the trick it shoud not cost 300$ the wire is abot 20$ and the breaker should be around 15$ !! If you do it by yourself with some elbow grease lol !! there always a way to fish a wire in the ceilling if your not confident about going in the breaker box run the wire and by the breaker and call a license electrician if you have done the 2/3 of the work like runing the wires he shoudn't charge you more than 70 $ for the call !!!

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First try no extension cord if you are using one. Also might try a new 15a breaker.  Some have different trip curves.  A new 15 amp breaker might allow 135 Amps for the first 1/3 second tapering down to 30 amps for 10 seconds. And not tripping on 15 amps for a minute or more. The 135 amps is magnetic tripping and the lower numbers are thermal tripping, which build up over time. Shorter cords will reduce voltage drop, which can lower amperage draw for the same task, and help as well.

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