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Finally a multitool


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Ohhh I've waited solo long for this...this is the best picture I've seen of this tool yet.  The link above did not work for me...I honestly thought they would just duplicate the porter cable...this is just different.  Is there another one on the market with a variable speed trigger?  I love it and will have it as soon as possible. Hope it at least has a hard case.....I'm a little bummed to see the new radio 25 dollars cheaper than I Bought it last month for.  But hey such is life

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Well, if you search on Google, several stores already have it listed. Like Amazon, Sears, Lowes, CPO.

So it shouldn't be too long for you guys.

Don't rely on Facebook too much. I mean DeWALT UK posted it, but the DeWALT page from my country doesn't mention a thing yet...

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Great news !

some questions:

please try to explain text on picture

"comprehensive range of multi tools accessories also available.

Able to fit all leading  multi tools"

is this a "one-way street " means the accessories will fit other multi tools

but access. from e.g Bosch / FEIN will NOT fit the Dewalt ????

(This would be very sad)

to me it looks like it; the opening in the accessory seem to slide in;


looks much like the B&D and Porter Cable Version already available since months


what is the word/rumor on a 18V cordless Version of the tool



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it's a 2-way street, but with a catch. DeWALT will have it's own accessories that will also fit other brands (Bosch, Fein,...) like it says in the picture.

However, the clamp design on the DeWALT multitool will not directly allow other brands of accessories.

Instead it will come with an adapter so you can use the blades from other brands because most brands have a different clamping design.

But try it once and you'll forget about the others. DeWALT has the best clamping method available.

Yep, similar to the Porter Cable, but with extra features. The worklight for example and the switch. It's a rocker style switch which allows you to start the machine very slowly for precision.

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