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milwaukee heated jacked with dewalt 20v max (18v xr series in Europe)


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few days ago I  tried milwaukee heated jacket and i liked it. I already have 10 dewalt 20v max batteries, and i am looking to buy a heated jacket. But before i buy it i want to try it - and here is the problem: I am in Edmonton, Canada, and they don't have the dewalt's one  here in the shops... I can order it online, but i prefer to see it and try it... so i am wandering to buy a milwaukee heated jacket and install the dcb090 usb  adapter on it to connect my dewalt the batteries.  Do somebody can tell me something about my idea - is it going to work and any opinions?



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I am wondering and about  heater itself - is it going to hold or it will burn (it is m12 jacket - 12v max - the real voltage is 10.8 and my batteries are 20v max - 18v real nominal voltage. )... how it works - is it with thermostat - when it reach specific temperature it cut out the power or the heater work all the time?

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I can't speak to converting he Milwaukee jacket to use the DeWALT batteries (though I wouldn't suggest doing it), I have been had my DeWALT heated jacket for a couple of weeks now, and I really like it. The fit is really nice, it is thicker than I expected it to be, and on a cold morning, feeling all the heating zones kick on feels great!  I recommend just ordering the DeWALT in your regular jacket size. I am sure you will be more than satisfied with it, and worse case you have the 90 day return policy.

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I have both the Dewalt and Milwaukee heated jacket and I am pretty sure you can cross the two and if I remember Eric and Dan showed this on a video but I have yet to see the long term effects.  The one thing I don't like is the dewalt battery holder is much larger than the m12 battery holder and I catch the dewalt one on everything because it sticks out so far.  I also assume that the voltage coming out going to the coat is 5v like the usb port.

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