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DC9096 battery in DW9116 charger


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I got a 2-pack of DC9096 batteries for Christmas to replace my aging ones (specific model # unknown as I already threw the old ones out recycled them).

Put either of the DC9096 batteries into my DW9116 charger, and after a minute or so I get the fast blink to replace the pack.

Did I get a pack of bad batteries, is my charger messed up, or are they just not compatible?

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Date is 201339 ... so they are not that old.

I read in another forum posting that I can take the batteries to a local DeWalt service center and swap them for new ones. Is this still true?

If you're near a service center, take your batteries AND your charger to be tested. I am guessing that your charger may be bad.

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Following up ...

Took the charger and two batteries to the local DeWalt service center, and all tested fine. Even plugged in the charger with each of the batteries, and could not reproduce the fast-blink issue.

Got everything back home, and all seems to work fine. At this point, it's a mystery as to why I got the initial fast-blink. Maybe the act of me unplugging the charger to take it to the service center and then plugging it back in reset it?

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