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DeWalt - Bostitch - Stanley 23" Waterproof Tool Box


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So after buying the 28" version of this toolbox, I think the 23" is more reasonable for transport. It is actually a little shorter and not as wide. It also comes with a top tray and metal latches. I could only find these on Amazon and at Lowe's. They sell them as a Bostitch brand or as Stanely Fatmax version.


To get an idea of size; you can fit a Milw. circ and 2 12v drill/impact and a battery charger without the top tray.


Bostitch 23" Waterproof Toolbox


Outside:    length- 23"    width- 11.75"    height- 10.75"

Inside Square Dimensions:    length- 19.25"    width- 9.25"    height- 9"


Tray:    length- 14.13"    width- 8.25"    height- 1.5"

Lid (below ribbing):    length- 19"    width- 7.5"    height- 1.5"


Opening next to tray:  length- 5.5"    width- 9.25"



If Milwaukee doesn't come out with a stackable/lockable(systainer) option, I might just buy a few of these and an appliance hand truck for easy movement.


Hope this helps with pre-purchases.







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I was going to get these because they are 20 bucks at Lowes. Three boxes and a cart for 100 is pretty cheap. I think Ridgid has the answer for me though. My boss is a Festool Systainer guy, and I see the advantage of modular boxes.


I should take pictures for a "before and after" the Ridgid boxes. I'm working out of Ford Ranger, so I like the waterseals.

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