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Northern Ireland tools


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Just some of the tools I use in my bathroom renovation business.

First is the bosch GBH 8-45 DV a great rotary hammer drill. Drills 45mm holes through concrete block in seconds, and amazing chipping! Stunning tool.

Next is the bosch GBH 2-28 DFV another rotary hammer drill. Great for removing wall and floor tiles and cutting tracks for pipes and cables in solid walls.

Next bosch 10.8v monster kit including multitool, sabre saw, combi drill driver-not shown- being used ! radio and LED torch, use these tools daily

Next is the bosch 18v twin pack impact driver- I believe best on the market , and the combi drill driver

Bosch again with the GLL 2-50 laser level

Another bosch lol this time the GHO 25-82 planer

Makita yes makita plunge saw with guide rails, great for cutting sheet material

And I'll finish with a few accessories in the bosch l-boxx

I have a lot more tools and will put more pics up when I get time to take more pics lol

Would love to here what u guys in the US think of these tools and what alternatives u might use over there


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Well....I love Bosch but all I have right now is a power planer and the PB360. I have a bunch of Milwaukee M12 cutting tools and a Milwaukee router. Ridgid miter saw (selling on CL....want to get the new Bosch Axial Glide). I have a Makita Hypoid saw. Then pretty much switched everything else to Festool. Mostly everything is Festool and Milwaukee. Oh and I have a bunch of l boxxes and love them but I am a DIY type and burgeoning wood worker. Seeing those l boxxes being used hard by a pro makes me happy I bought them.

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Like Baza, no complaints and no experience with the Tstaks. I will say I have three of the l boxx 1a's with the tray inserts. I gave one to my fiancé for her stamping up supplies. I have one with lag fasteners and another for my Kreg screws. I have two l boxx 1 and 1 l boxx 2. I am going to get some foam inserts and keep all of my M12 tools in one. They are great boxes.

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