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Advice on fixing and keeping DW705 and/or DW708


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Hi folks,


I recently picked up a used DW705 (12", Type 1) and used DW708 (12" slider, Type 2) on the cheap ($20 and $180) - http://professional-power-tool-guide.com/power-tool-forum/index.php?/topic/4402-my-latest-bargain/


I already have a perfect (12 month old) 10" Bosch saw, so now i need to decide which ones to keep, and also how much to spend on getting them perfect. I'm either going to keep one Dewalt and the Bosch, or just one Dewalt.


I'm impressed that the DW705 can cut a 200mm sleeper! Not sure I'll ever need to cut anything much bigger.... (I'm not a tradie, just enthusiast). However the 705 needs a new blade, switch (have to buy the whole handle), brushes and might need a bit of motor work (it's a little noisy). So I'll drop a minimum of $100 plus whatever is making the noise to fix it. Minimum total $120.


The DW708 on the other hand needs a new clamshell and kerf plates (also ~$70), and is otherwise perfect. Total $250.


If it was you, which would you keep, and would you outlay all the above? Keep in mind that I'm having fun fixing them and learning.




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Wow, that's a really tough call. I would be concerned about whats making the noise in the motor that could end up being a very expensive proposition to fix. I would go with which saw you think you would use the most often.

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thanks guys. DR99 - i'm thinking along the same lines. since the brushes between 705 and 708 are shared i might pick up a set. i can always keep as a spare if the 705 is no good.


then i might rig a temporary trigger setup for 705 and try to diagnose the motor issues before spending any real coin on it. might post a couple of photos of the armature to see if the obvious wear i can see if likely to be an issue...

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anything here look concerning?







The armature stack certainly has some uneven wearing to it, and the brushes haven't worn evenly...


But the coils and commutator seem to be in ok condition ...




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Motor is poling, that's the wear marks on it. That means your fields are compromised , and the brush wear could be put down to the positive brush often burns quicker.

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