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How to replace drill bearing?


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Hi, I am after some advice. I have an Atlas Copco PDE13RQ 240V drill, which has been a great piece of kit for around 16 years. I foudn yesterday that the bit tip was wandering and it looks like the output shaft bearing is knackered, you can feel the sideways play. I've got the SKF code number off it and its dimensions, you can also see it listed here:


(A bit of google-fu revelaed this, it is identical to mine, though it is liseted as a Milwaukee)

Item 213 is the bearing. While lI had it in bits, the shaft (210) came out with the bearing and other bits on it. The bearing slides on the shaft for the hamemr action, limited by circlip 215. It looks like to get the bearing off I need to remove the big gear no.211 but this seemed pretty soild on the shaft. Any idea how I go about this? Bearing puller? Freezing? I think it may just be an interference fit but I don't know.




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There is alink to an exploded diagram at the top of the linked page - here it is



The sahft 210 is in one piece from chuck to gear 211. From the diagram the gear should come off but no idea what is stopping it. There are no visible screw threads/grub screw etc.


Cheers DR99. I hadn't heard of Milwuakee (tools) until a few years ago


Thanks a lot



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