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$30 off M12 Fuel combo kit at HD


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Not sure if its a typo or what but the Milwaukee m12 fuel hammer drill + impact driver combo kit 2597-22 is showing up as $269 instead of $299 at home depot

heres the link



the similar kit with the fuel drill non hammer version is showing up at regular price at $289 so I don't know what the deal is with the hammer drill combo kit


either way if its a typo, better take advantage of it soon


I posted this deal over at slickdeals but those jerks took down the posting right away- seems the site is infested with trolls and fools left and right- you guys should have seen their comments, one person was saying this wasn't a good deal because you can buy 2 kits for $99 but the fool didn't realize these were fuel versions, others were saying this was the regular price which is obviously not oh well, last time I post on that site- you know its sad really because I can only imagine how many good deals get removed because of trolls and scumbags thumbing everything down




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That sucks Javier you just try to help some people out and all they want to do is toll you. I do find deals at slickdeals but it sucks that you people don't know what they are talking about on the site. I have seen people say on slickdeals that have said nicad batteries are better than lithium ion packs its a very low knowledge crowd there. I would be all over that deal if I didn't have the drill and impact already. What would really make the deal really awesome is if they had a free bare tool or battery promo going on right now.

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Like you said lots of people don't know much. It's one thing to have little knowledge on a subject as we all started off as learners but it ticks me off when they don't have a clue but yet they're right and your wrong and they're smart and your stupid mentality in their head. There's no reasoning with them.

It would be nice for a freebie battery. I'm still waiting for fuel kits with free baretools

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