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Bosch 3.0 amp multitool MX30E Review


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Javier this is mike.z I already commented on ur great review and I gotta say this bosch looks really good man I haven't bought the dewalt one yet cus my wallet is a lil slim right now but this bosch makes it a tough one when it comes to choosing which one I want to get corded or cordless?just because us men always wanna have the best tools!! Lol!!

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I actually have this tool, and use it quite a bit for projects around the house, and I have to say that this tool is just awesome!  I don't really have any negatives to point out on it, as it has performed admirably.  I've used it to cut copper water pipes, trim doors for laminate flooring installation, sanding, and plunge cutting drywall.  The only possible negative that I can think of (which applies to most multi-tools) is that blades are a bit expensive from what I can tell, as I've seen BOSCH blades going for about $30.00 at the HD.  I have to admit that I recently discovered Harbor Freight, and found similar blades there for about 1/3 the price of the BOSCH OEM ones.  I picked some up, but haven't tried them out yet, so I can't comment on the quality yet.  But yeah, even though I prefer Milwaukee tools, the BOSCH won me over, as Milwaukee doesn't have a multi-tool that fits my needs (e.g. needed to be corded, and have a quick blade-change system).  I give the BOSCH a 10/10! 

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nice review, ive the dewalt cordless myself. Having held all them at a show I went too I found it so much more comfortable to grip than all the other brands. Not saying it's a better performer as I don't know the answer to that but it works well.

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Big fan of the multitools, I have a Dremel 2.3 amp and it gets the job done but it tends to get hot from its lack of power. I don't use mine often to make a difference to upgrade to a Bosch of a Dewalt but the easy change looks awesome. I used mine to tear out a tile floor and switching different blades definitely sucks with an Allen wrench.


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