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Coffee Anyone?


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I love coffee, thank god for coffee ^^ and that is a fine piece of work. I would buy it, the only thing I don't like is the Keurig though, I have one for convenience. However, I still prefer the drip coffee makers. Grind my own beans and brew it fresh, its the best. Not a fan of the taste of Keurig K-cup coffee. Tried a ton of brands too, just doesn't come close to brewed fresh.


Really like what you made though, ha. Nice job.

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Nice work and a nice stand. A single cup of coffee is just a tease. You need to start your day with a pot of coffee then  the largest cup you can find to get you through to lunchtime.

Lunchtime? Heck, I need two big travel mugs just for the drive to work, and then I can get serious about coffee drinking!

Nice job on the stand, comp!

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When I first started working construction their was a guy I knew named Mel who would always bring a 32 oz thermos to work filled with coffee, even in the summer. He had to have his coffee regardless of how hot it got, at lunch I would be drinking lemonade and he would be drinking coffee lol. I love coffee too but in 80 degree weather having a cup in the morning is all I need and maybe one when I get home. He was a great guy and teacher, really enjoyed working with him.

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