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Boat Question


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Hey guys!

I live in Illinois. I have a buddy who lives in Wisconsin. He has a boat that was abandoned on his property some years ago. He is willing to give me the boat at no cost, but I need to register it in il.

I don't know if he would have to title the boat somehow and then transfer it to me. He is being a very nice guy giving it up so I don't want to cause him an unwanted headache.

Anyone know how to do this? The Illinois DNR website includes info on abandoned boat registration, but nothing that quite fits my situation.

Thanks guys!

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Jason, I can not comment on your area but in NH....you would have to put a property lean on it and send the request to the local PD which then goes to the NH DMV. Once it meets the appropriate time frame you can possess the vehicle (boat too). Additionally. You should check your VIN and HIN (hull identification number) requirement. You might be beyond the required time frame, and would therefore just need a bigl of sale to register it. You could probably have your friend exercise control over the boat as the property owner then he can give you a bill of sale and voila. That's in NH though.

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I'm with regopit on this one, I had a 29' searay and was nothing but a money pit....bought it 3 years old for $24k spent about $4k a year to play with it and sold it for $27k still lost money........

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