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Replacement Windows (new construction)


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Any contractors out there? I am looking to replace all my windows this summer and wanted to ask the pro's I know it's not tool related but I am looking at Harvey, Anderson, and Pella. I am leaning towards Harvey or Anderson but was wondering you guys thoughts on these brands, you recommend one over the other?



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Hey, replacement windows is a fun job and one that you should have no problem tackling!    


There is nothing wrong with Harvey windows and i have installed them before.. this type of replacement window is what you will find in most homes that have replacement windows.. that doesnt make them the best choice in my opinion.. Im not a huge fan of vinly windows and they are are just ehh in terms of quality.


Anderson makes a great product, if this was your only other consideration besides the Harveys i would urge you to go this way.. you are going to have a much higher quality product in terms of fit and finish and the Fibrex material will give you a more solid frame and sash over vinyl.


If you wouldn't mind me throwing in my own suggestion.. I would definitely recommend Integrity by Marvin for replacement windows.  the Ultrex material they are made out of is far superior to vinyl in my opinion.. they are very well built, solid windows.  the quality of the finished product is much nicer than the Harveys as well.. This is in no way scientific but my guess is that you are going to get a lot less air leakage out of the Integritys over the Harveys.. they are just a tighter window..   they are my preference after installing several brands replacement windows. 




if you have any questions on the install feel free to ask

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overanalyze - I am looking for a high quality window with a nailing flange as I don't want to keep my casings so I was planning on going back to the rough opening. Looking for the best or best bang for your buck, my biggest issue with Harvey is that I need a contractor to purchase them and from what I see they are about $100-$150 more per window looking at there product book, but I have not gotten into specifics yet just estimated rough opening (haven't taken casing off yet) and basic window.


The comparison is the Anderson 400 vs. Harvey Majestic. What is your general opinion on new windows can I really go wrong picking on over another?


NER - Thanks for the information that was helpful, I am currently leaning towards the Andersons as there is a supply house 1-2 miles from my house that sells them so post purchase problems will be the easiest to solve and the price. I am truly open to all options just as long as I don't need to give up my first born to get them, which is why Harvey window option is holding on by a thread due to the fact I need to order them through a contractor.


When you talk about the Fibrex material I thought this was in there Anderson Renewal product that they only sell directly and install? or is this in all there windows?


Madman - I will look into those, never heard of them wonder if they are a CA only window.


But ultimately I am looking for availability, accessibility (places to purchase), Quality, and affordability don't want to break the bank for one window over the other if there is no real significant gain in efficiency or build quality.

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i bought the Milgard windows / patio slider from HomeDepot - go and check them out....maybe they are available in your state too.

if im correct they also have a lifetime glass breakage warranty....doesnt matter who breaks the glass....they come out and change it out for free

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Hey TheDon81,


   Let me first say that I agree 100% with your choice to remove the windows to the rough opening. It allows for a better installation of the new window, proper insulation can be used and it lets you see any hidden damage.


   I prefer Andersen windows. It is the window we use 95% of the time when we do remodeling or new construction. It is probably about 75% of our replacement jobs as well.


  Has the dealer/yard that you are going to purchase from been selling them for awhile? Service may need to happen at some point and it makes it a lot easier to go to the place you bought them from first vs directly back to Andersen, all though that isn't painful either.


  The 400 series is their bread and butter line. It is a mid to high quality unit. I prefer the casement over the double hung, but that is purely preference. 


  Hardware is good quality and the Low-E4 glass technology is decent. I wish they would step up to 3/4" airspace glass with warm edge spacer vs their 5/8" with stainless spacer, but they have told me their research shows very little difference in performance between the two types of glass. 


   I have never installed or seen the Harvey units to give any feedback on those. I prefer the Andersen over Pella or Jeld-Wen any day.


I hope that helps you. Looking forward to some pics when you get started.

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Thanks overanalyze that was helpful, the place I am purchasing from has been in business since 1982 (according to there website) and I found them through Andersons website, I haven't gotten a quote from them yet, but I went to HD who sells them too to get my initial pricing. Your information is just what I want to hear as it looks like my research hasn't failed me :)


Madman, doesn't look like HD sells the Milgard windows over here in the east as I just checked.

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