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Milwaukee M18 combo kit $299 with 2 extra batteries at HD (in store only)


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Looks like this kit:




The online version has what looks like a total of two 4 Ah and one 3 Ah. Looks like the in store deal comes with one additional 3 Ah battery on top of that (total of four batteries) for the same price.


Nice find!

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they said 2 extra batteries when you buy that kit....so you will get a total of 4 then because 2 are already in the kit


Right. That's what I meant. :) The kit comes with three if you buy it online (two 4 Ah and one 3 Ah). If you buy it in-store with this deal it looks like you get a total of four (two 4 Ah and two 3 Ah).


I'll edit my original post to clarify.

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