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Looking for honest review on a USA made Tap Wrench has advantages!

Chad Ashley

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Looking for a review on a tap wrench the we have designed and created at Northern Machining.  Not sure if I can post the link to the wrench but here are some pics.




This tap wrench was designed 100% by the staff at Northern Machining. It is like no other tap wrench on the market today. The uniqueness of our wrench comes from its ability to maintain center with the central position of the tap, which it is holding. With conventional tap wrenches, center alignment is always lost because only one jaw, which holds the tap, moves. With our self-centering tap wrench, both jaws move uniformly, thus keeping a central position no matter the size of the tap which it is holding.

Our Tap Wrench gives inline support for taps without center holes, on a drill press or milling machine.
  • Place stem up into a drill chuck for centering over a hole and to keep both hands free to turn the wrench. (will feed the spindle down by itself instead of keeping pressure on the spindle with one hand).
  • Two sided locking pressure which doesn’t tend to loosen like conventional types.
  • Fully replaceable items
  • 100% tool steel with hardened jaws and body for long life
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Cool tool,im a machinist and it would be sweet to see a review or actually try it out ;)

You can get your hand on this right now for a low price.  We are offering this to the first 30 contributors to an Indiegogo Campaign we have running.  We are doing a pre-order campaign to try and create a large batch to test cost of manufacturing at higher quantities.  


Indiegogo Campaign Link

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