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Diamond core drill compatibility

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Hello everyone, 


So I'm planning to but all new M18 tools set:

Rotary hammer 2712 or 2715 (haven't decided yet)

Impact driver 2653

Hammer drill 2604

4.5 Grinder 2781

Impact wrench 2763

Sawzall 2720

Circular saw 2730


I was wondering what do you think about the choises?


I tried to go for the best as I believe it should be. 

If you have any comments or advices I will be happy to hear. 


Second question is, will the rotary hammer or the hammer drill be compatible with diamond core drill bits?


I never worked with them before but I know that Makita have a hand drill just for them but in the Milwaukee site I saw only diamond coring rig with a base stand but no hand drill. 




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Go for the 2763!! That's things a beast!! We use and abuse that impact everyday and not one failure yet I've used it to take 2 crank shaft bolts from 2 Hondas which I've heard to be some of the most hardest to take off and my 2763 impact wrench not once failed me. Plus it's a great tool to have on the road for any emergencies

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It all depends on what chuck the diamond core bits you buy use. The bigger stuff will be SDS probably. You don't use the hammer mode with diamond core bits you just use standard rotation. I don't know if you knew that in advance. Also welcome to the the TIA forum

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I own all the tools you mentioned except for a rotary hammer, and I own the 2780 (paddle switch instead of slide switch grinder). I would recommend each tool on that list to you, though I would take a look at the 2731 for saws.

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