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Dewalt DW057 issues

Jason George

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I seem to be having a little trouble with my Dewalt DW057 impact wrench....


I'm not sure if it's one big issue or a couple of seperate issues...


It's not getting anywhere near the torque output it should....... I haven't checked what it is outputting but I know for certain it is much less than 75ft/lbs for tightening wheel nuts on my car...


When I use it it quite often will stop dead and not start again unless I rotate the 1/2 inch drive one way or the other... When I do this it will work again with a trigger press....


Sometimes when I press the trigger nothing happens requiring the same rotation of the driver as above...


Given the value of the tool I'm a little reluctant to pay to have it repaired... Is there any way I can test the components to determine where the problem lies... I figure it can only be the trigger, motor, or gear/impact assembly...


Or can any knowledgeable person  tell me what this sort of problem is likely to be...???


I also have the DW056 & DW059 so I really would like to get this member of the family operational again!


Any help much appreciated...

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Contact your local Dewalt service center..

Yes obviously that would be a great idea if the tool was worth a lot... I suspect by the time they charge me a fee just to inspect the tool that alone makes it unviable from a financial perspective.... I suppose I could pay them to diagnose the problem then take it back and replace the part myself with parts sourced online which will no doubt be cheaper than any Dewalt service centre...


I'm quite capable of replacing the motor, trigger or gear/impact housing... I just need to workout which component needs replacing!

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If your tools starts working when you turn it or hit back of your tools replace caebon brushes. If you used tools for long time n this way replace armature. Normally carbon brushes are ware out and they not tuching armature when you move it carbon brushes tuching armature and tools starting to work, but because of bad contact armature not geting as much voltage as needed and dont have all power. And sorry for my english :)

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