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Keurig 2.0 Hack get rid of the limits....


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ok so it seems everyone or most everyone likes a cup of coffee or 6 each morning or just thru the day...like others the wife and I got into the Keurig machines awhile back and actually liked it. like idiots we went through 28 times more coffee and $100's of dollars buying into the single coffee machine fad.....I will be the first to admit I like the coffee the keurig machine makes I just don't care for the cost ....I'm guessing I'm not alone...anyway we are onto our second generation machine the newer Keurig 2.0 with the pot. Keurig got smart (or dumb) and made the new machine so it made it hard for users to use their own coffee to save money.....well I got tired of paying so I came up with a hack.....the new machine excepts CODED kcup regular or the bigger Kcup for the pot each of these have a number code and when put into the machine it gives you the options for that Kcup the way they want.

so with a small piece of plastic you can open the interface to all options.......


there is a small square bump that slide back so the larger Kcup can fit, if you pull the spring loaded lever back  and keep it there the machine thinks there is a larger Kcup in place......the problem with this most machines allow 10 oz cups per regular kcup, I now can not only see all options with a regular Kcup but I can cheat the machine by buying bold (strong) Kcups and use the pot and select 2-3 cups with the pot.

I now get 24oz of coffee from one Kcup and it is strong enough to be regular blend I hope this helps some people.


Note: this does not effect the machine in anyway nor damage it......

also there is even options there for future Kcups that aren't even out yet.......






please over look the coffee residue ...hard to keep clean when making coffee all day long....lol



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This is a pretty good hack comp. Mrs. Conductor has the 2.0 and much to her disappointment, she could no longer use the universal cup she could fill up with Folgers.

The foil on the genuine Keurig cups is printed with a special ink that the machine recognizes. I started cutting the foil off and hot gluing one onto her re-usable cup to allow her to use it. It works, but it's kinda sloppy and has to be replaced once a week or so.

If I'd known the 2.0 was like that I wouldn't have bought it honestly

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ya I was doing that too, then I taped a piece of code on the bottom side of the lid so it reads the same code no matter what but since I came up with this I'm gold......bty I'm with you too...would never have bought the new one either 

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