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doubt screwdriver


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Hello, I am looking to buy a screwdriver and I'm in doubt between these three !! Which of these three would be better? Any feedback will be appreciated !!

What is the best brand, Milwaukee and Dewalt?


Milwaukee M4


Dewalt dcf680


Hitachi Db3dl2


Thank you for your help !!!

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i'd go with either the hitachi or dewalt. the milwaukee m4 doesnt really fit into their current product line as its older and relatively featureless. if i had to choose between all 3 i'd say dewalt like everyone else. i've never used a hitachi product nor do i know anyone who has one, so there has to be a reason for that.

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What is the best brand, Milwaukee and Dewalt?



That's awesome, your only missing the boxing ring and the bell LOL.


I'd say that the DeWalt is probably the better one to go with right now. I like how it has the 8v battery and it has the gyroscopic feature.

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Of the ones you listed I would say the dewalt is your best option. Have you considered the millwake m12 fuel line? depending your uses it might work better.

I am a big millwakee fan but don't see anything good about the m4. Honestly if they stopped selling it tomorrow I wouldn't care an probably not notice. There m12 fuel line is great but it's a little bigger then what you are listing.

The dewalt is nice with its variable speed an pivioting handle type deal. I also think dewalt is more up to date with there line then the competing millwakee.

I have no experience with the hitatchi. I haven't heard good or bad about that model hitatchi.

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