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M12 Copper Cutters


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I'm not a plumber but did buy the copper cutter...just because I needed a tool fix.


It's great in that you don't need to turn a tubing cutter, but speedwise, IMO, it takes just as long on it.

Just mainly saves you on the wear and tear on your body....


The advantage I can see is in tight spots.


As well, just to how it *autofits*, there is a slight learning curve when putting the copper inside the tool so that it sits inside the *rails* as the circular cutter cuts. Hard to explain, but when you use it, you'll know what I mean..

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Yup, not s plumber here but I have an old house and lots of tight spots where a manual tubing cutters would have been a pain and I didn't want to vibrate the pipe with a sawzall potentially disturbing old things and the M12 tubing cutter works great. It's especially nice if using sharkbites because it leaves a nice smooth burr free edge. I'd echo what mobiledynamics wrote above that there is a small learning curve to acclimate to how the tool works. I'd just get a piece of copper and practice cutting a few cuts before making any critical cuts for real.

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i had actually talked with the plumber i work with about that tool last week, they said its worth its weight in gold, for them they sweat houses every week so they are cutting a lot of copper and they all have one. its nice to just press the button and its cut. also the pvc cutter is great too!

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