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Carlyle R38S100 3/8 ratchet


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What is the one tool you always see in any mechanics tool box? You guessed it, the ratchet. A ratchet is one of the tools the mechanic uses on a daily basis. The ratchet that I use the most is my Carlyle R38S100 3/8 rotor ratchet. If you haven't heard of the Carlyle brand it is the premium house brand of tools that Napa auto parts sells, most if not all of their tools are made in Taiwan. I bought this ratchet almost three years ago for right at $70. In that time it has been through everything from changing engines, building engines, transmission swaps and much more. It has performed great in that time and has never skipped a beat, It is still as smooth as day one. The handle has proven to be chemical resistant too, the color hasn't faded but the yellow portion of the handle on the bottom has a few scratches. That doesn't bother me though. The handle fits my hands great and is comfortable to use even under high torque. The head of the ratchet has loosened up a bit but you can easily tighten up the torx screw and increase the tension on it. It is a quick release ratchet and to release the socket you just push down on the blue anodized button on the back of the ratchet head. You switch the direction by rotating the round black piece in the opposite direction you want to to go which took some getting used to. Overall this ratchet has been great to me and I feel that it should last me a very long time. If any of you guys need a quality 3/8 ratchet I would highly recommend this one. If I were to lose it I wouldn't hesitate to buy a new one again.

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Very cool Nicholas and Thank u for sharing bro! I remember Conductor talking about these awhile back and if I'm correct these are available mostly at Napa right? I haven't made it that way in awhile but I've been meaning to go and check these out Thanks!

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