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NEW DEWALT Oscillating 5-Piece Set?m


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Nothing in their ad mentioning if the new DEWALT Oscillating 5-Piece Set can be used with DeWalt's own Oscilating Multitools. The ad is focused on universal fitment for use with all major brands but doesn't say whether it will work on on their own tools. Anybody know if it's designed to work or is it strictly for the competition? If I was to guess I say probably but you never know. If DeWalt can make attachments that can work on theirs and everyone's else's without the use of an adapter then why can't all the others do it. Is DeWalt finally the first to come out with something kool for everyone?



The DEWALT DWA4216 oscillating 5-Pc. Set is designed with universal fitments for use on all major brands of oscillating tools (no adapter required). This is a variety set of blades for multiple applications and the tough case is versatile and allows user to customize compartments to fit a wide variety of oscillating accessories. Includes (2) DWA4203 oscillating wood w/nails blade - designed for wood cutting, (1) DWA4206 oscillating fast cut wood blade - designed for fast cuts in wood, (1) DWA4213 oscillating flush cut blade - designed for flush cuts on a variety of applications and (1) DWA4217 oscillating rigid scraper blade - designed for scraping applications.

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It has their 'open' design. From what I can tell these aren't different than their other multitool blades (wouldn't make sense)

This is just packaged as a set with a case. It's a nice case. I bought 2 of those sets over here so I have all my accessories/blades stored in them.


From the get go they have a list of compatible brands on their packaging :)

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