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Dewalt DC820 18 volt 1/2" impact gun


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So I was helping work on a buddies race car and they realized they had forgotten the cordless impact gun. Well I always bring my tools in my car just in case. Well this was the first time using it and I found it seemed to struggled to pull the lugs off. They had been torqued but it was a bit unnerving that it was struggling to do so. I think this gun has 1740 lbs of torque. I'm not sure what the lugs had been torqued at with the torque wrench. But any reason why they weren't coming off as fast as they should have been. It almost had to get a bite to get them going. Had to use the socket to loosen them by hand then use the gun. We have a bigger version of same gun. Mine juast happens to be the compact version. 

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Your impact wrench is based off the impact driver platform. You need the bigger gun for the high torque applications. Even then the old Dewalt 18v guns and weak compared to the new 20v Brushless version. Heck even the first 20v max versions were not that impressive.

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I know the usual gun they have is a DW059 and it's listed as Heavy Duty. It is bigger than my compact version. So maybe mine is just slightly less powerful. Plus I have no idea what the lugs were torqued at so that could be an issue to. Just torque them til it clicks normally with no idea what it is set at. Never had anything come off so must be good enough. My gun is good just in case. Even if ya gotta loosen them by hand to start. 

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