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LED Light on DHP459


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I have just purchased my first Makita tool after reading a lot of good reviews: the DHP459. It works great, but I have a problem with the LED light: there is a big shadow in the light beam, caused by the chuck. The shadow extends into the area where I want to screw or drill, making it pretty useless. Here is a picture of the problem:




Is this normal or should I get a replacement?

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I guess it's normal that there's some shadowing when the LED is positioned where it is, but is it really normal that the shadow extends that far? You can't see the area where you want to drill or screw...

You pretty much have that same shadow on any tool with the light mounted up above the trigger. It's really unavoidable. Dewalt moved their light down on top of foot of tool to solve it.

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yup, completely unavoidable due to the placement of the light. my milwaukees have the same problem, as do most of the drills that added this feature early on. ridgid's solution is ingenious, three lights on the chuck that do a great job of lighting, especially when the drill is spinning. functional and looks slick. i would agree that durability might be a concern with that setup, though. how strong can the chuck be if you designed it with holes for LED's?

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Not your model, but you could do something similar if you have the ability and drive to mod your tool...

Great video. This is the primary reason i went with Dewalt drill/impact, i love their light setting. I feel for the poor guys hand tremor[emoji53], but he sounds very knowledgeable.

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My father-in-law has a Berner, and it has the exact same LED positioning and the exact same problem. So I guess it's "normal". Too bad, otherwise it would have been perfect.


I also saw that movie on youtube. I would like to perform that modification, but I'm afraid I'll loose my guarantee.

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