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TIA Skybell review - same day I install a Ring doorbell


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I laughed when seeing their review of the Skybell the day I put up the Ring doorbell. I have to say I really like the Ring so far but it's only been a day: https://ring.com

The Ring costs $200 as well but seems to have more features. Unlike the Skybell the Ring contains a battery so you don't need a wired doorbell to replace, if you do have an old wired bell it's even better because it will trickle charge the Ring. This was great for me because I installed a new front door and pulled a new wire but haven't got around to hooking up a new transformer yet so it still works until I do. They claim the battery will go a year before you have to unbolt it to bring it in for a recharge, we'll see.

Also the Ring allows all door bell pushes to have the video stored online as well as video from the motion detector being triggered, even if no button is pushed, so you can see anytime someone approaches your door. The motion detector has zones that can be disabled as well as range settings from 5 to 30 ft. They do charge $3/mo or $30/year to use their cloud services to store video but it's totally optional and a nice option to have IMHO. If you forego their cloud service you just use it as a live video device but can't go back and look at videos. They give you a 30 day free trial when you first create an account. Also Ring offers a Chime, $30, which is a wifi doorbell chime that plugs into any outlet so you can have an actual bell ring in the house too and not depend on the Android or iOS app alone. So far so good.

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