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Nylon, Plastic or something different


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Just wondering what everyone is storing there cordless tools in......at one time I had some in the plastic carrying cases, some in the nylon bags and some in drawers of my tool box but that just took up way too much room.....so recently I decided to re-organize and put all the cordless in Nylon bags. All the small nylon one's hanging up are labeled on the outside to make it easier to find the tool I'm looking for, the medium and large one;s still need to be labeled, and they have multiple tools in them to save room. My wife says I'm OCD and I think I agree with her LOL!







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I feel your pain, I was doing something like too until I decided to move my shop into the basement. where I am, it would not be worth me building an outside shop and heat it too. so now that it is inside dry warm in the winter my goal is to have everything visible because I am tired of buying things piling things and rebuying because I didn't know I  had them already. 

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OCD in a place looking like that?  Probably not.


Personally I can't stand rummaging through a bag or pile for a tool while I'm working. In my shop everything is laid out in drawers or wherever I use it. Bags are only for throwing junk in to transport.

Unfortunately I don't have a shop, its a 8'x16' shed where I store my tools.....so having all my tools laid out is not going to happen, and if I did have a shop I still would have all my cordless tools in some sort of storage case or bag and put away. I sort of look at my tool shed as a big tool box, ha ha....





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