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Heated vest


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Ps: The Makita heated jacket can also easily be converted to a vest (removable sleeve). 

Seems a bit more practical to at least have the opportunity to choose what you want to wear. A jacket or vest if you ask me. :)


Is there any price difference to talk about? 


Both would be perfect depending on the weather up north here. 
Sometimes (usually) it rains in the spring and fall. And it will change 10+ times a day. Going from too hot when the sun shines, and too cold for a pure rain jacket when it rains. With the heated jacket you can turn up and down the power, or just drop the sleeves when it gets too hot. :) Not sure if the hands and fingers will keep warm when the rest is hot. 

And in the winter you can have the heated vest under the winter-jacket (which in turn doesn't have to be as big and clumpy). And be used on some jogging trips or what not. Adjusting the power before you get hot. 

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Being able to remove sleeves from a jacket to make it into a vest is a great idea, however the zippers in sleeves can be quite a nuisance. If you work in construction and find yourself carrying lumber (or anything) on your shoulder, the zippers dig into your shoulder so keep that in mind when deciding


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Not that I usually carries a lot like timber on my shoulder, but yeah, I can see the possible nuiseance. :)

Not sure if it would come in conflict with larger backpacks or anything like that? If I wantet do have it with me camping/hunting/fishing or somthing like that?

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