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Timmy's NHL trading cards


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anyone else enjoying collecting these tims cards? im a big fan of collecting cards sometimes it comes in waves and this is a big one right now...


I have close to 1500 cards (give or take a few) and for this season 2015-16 I am aiming on collecting every single card so I have an absolutely complete set since tims are giving away cards for this season I need to collect all of them in order to have a full set right?


childish it may be but its something I enjoy aside from tools and woodwork.

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not childish at all, my older brother....he is almost 60 now has been collecting sports cards since he was a kid.......baseball, hockey and football he probably has 150,000 cards or more...... back in the 90's he made huge money from some of his top shelf card sales. I remember being with him on a trip to the states one year and he walked into a sports store and bought everything thing they had, loaded them into his truck and drove away......as he got to the corner he said I just tripled my money ...lol.....I don't follow it that close but I know he still has walls and walls of them.....

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ya that is an addiction for ya, he has his sets that he collects and he would buy in bulk at times to keep what he needed and sell off the others to finance the whole thing......

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