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Makita lovers are you ready for the full takeover


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I'm ready brother!!! World domination!

Don't forget,

36v BL slide miter saw

3 high torque impact wrenches

6.0Ah batteries

36v/AC hybrid vacuum

And of course these 3 reciprocating saws

I also hear through the unofficial grapevine that they have an X2 7" grinder in the works and a new BL chainsaw

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^^ where did yah hear the 7inch grinder rumour ? :)

Just a fellow makita fanatic/blogger. I'm not sure where he got his info or how accurate it is.. he would have no reason to make it up though .. also no clue of timeline..

Metabo just showed a 7" grinder at a recent event. I'm sure makita is going for it also

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Metabo showed a 9 incher i believe ? :) any chance you could point me towards that blog ? ^^

Ooh, I didn't know it was a 9" that's slick. That is a dual battery also isn't it. Do you know if it's 36v like Makita or 18v with double the AH rating?

About the makita 7" It was a just a private message conversation I was having with the guy so nothing to read..sorry man. No detail was talked about.. we were chatting about new releases and he mentioned he had heard it was in the works. Thats all

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Its crazy sad part is i have 2 sawzalls arleady so convincing my wife will be hard good thing its not out yet plus im still trying to convince her i need the makita BL 6.5 18v circ saw lol when i already own 2 circ saws lol

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When the new recip saws get here just sell both or at least one of your current 2 and do the same for the circular saw. Sell any corded models you might have. The 6.5" BL saw is incredible. I also have the X2 7.25" saw and the 6.5 is sooo much smaller, has a rafter hook and as much or more power than the 36v. It's just a great saw. It's what I reach for 95% of the time now.
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