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Ask away got any questions?


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Ask a question about anything at all and see if anyone on here can help.

Don't be shy there is no such thing as a daft question. :)

What is your opinion on Fein tools. I don't run across many here. Their only offering that I have seen here besides the Multi Master was a drill. I would be particularly interested in what you think of their small angle grinders.

How about Draper tools? I hear they are a budget tool, and wonder how they stack up to the the likes of Black & Decker and Skil.

You don't really believe there are no daft questions do you? What flavor is air? How can you make a rock float? How do you describe the color green to a blind person? Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor and dish washing soap made with real lemons? Can an idiot be a smart ass?

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Fein tools are very well engineered tools I put them along side Metabo and high end manufacturers like Festool for quality.

Just watch the length of time recommended for constant use on the Fein Multi tool because some get very hot and need to cool down every 25 to 30 mins.

The multi tool is where i would have started using a brushless motor first if i were a manufacturer because they are such a high reving tool that the ability to run cool is more of an issue.

The Draper expert range are actually quite good for a home owner I think they would do just fine.

And your other questions

1) No hahaha

2) Depends on who ate where lol

3)Put it in a boat

4)You don't, and what the hell a little mould never hurt no one LOL

5)Life needs an eye test ( For throwing those lemons)

6) I am doing my best hahahahaha :D

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Seems like just about everything is made in China these days. The number of tools made in USA is dwindling fast. No more circular saws being made in the country that invented them is really sad. I would think there would be some kind of niche that an American manufacturer could carve out in the high end tool market, if people here are willing to pay Festool prices, it would seem to me they would find the money to buy American, especially if it was a first rate tool and or built out of exotic materials like carbon fiber and titanium. I don' t have to look far to see how this could be, I just look at brands like Harley Davidson and the niche/lifestyle they have carved for themselves. Snap-on has quite the following as well, although they may be diluting their brand by licensing it to some less than stellar accessory companies.

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Well, at least there is still a few manufacturers left. Are Marples chisels still made in the U.K. ? I know Irwin is now their parent company.

I know the the Francis Barker m-73 is still made in the U.K. as well, it is still one of the best in the world.

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yes pal apparently so. :)

Thanks for the info :) , that greatly eases my grey market fantasies of bringing in a PDC 18-4 and using a Festool charger and not having to deal with an inverter/transformer. Now if I can figure a work around for the CSP 85/60 circular saw. I have always wanted to try a regular circular saw with a riving knife.

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If you like Protool take a look at the SSP200EB. :)

We can get the Mafell ZS260E here, but just about everyone I know gets a Bigfoot "Head Cutter" for their chainsaw. We also have the Prazi beam cutter that can attach to the common wormdrive saw, and it would appear they recently added a model that works with sidewinder saws.

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