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Milwaukee v Makita brush-less Friday night tool fight.


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After Dan and Eric put the Makita up against the Milwaukee, is anyone surprised it was so close?

The Milwaukee did win and was faster, but the Makita didn't smoke this time lol ,and I thought did quite well considering its terrible performance last time out.

I want to see a retest after a year or so of work. A lot of manufacturers are putting "hot" cells in their packs, that is cells that perform well for a short period of time at the expense of a longer life, the "colder" batteries won't come into its own until the batteries are on their degradation curve. Certainly makes the tools look good for the press, who only really test new tools, but in the long run, not so good a strategy for the end user/consumer who plans to keep the tool for more than a few months.

Go to Battery University if you want to start to learn more about batteries. There is also a guy over on the Dewalt owners group forum who dissects cordless drills and batteries, that you might find interesting.

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I bought my M18 kit in Feburary of last year. No noticeable loss in performance as of yet. The Makita's rapid charge which I have always understood would shorten the life. But, I'm no battery expert either.

Most all of the manufacturers are compromising on battery charging since the optimum charge time for Lith-Ion is around three hours.

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