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Two Stain Method......and Question


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Not sure exactly what the symbol is, but that is one beautiful box, love the contrasting wood and stain, also the hardware is a nice touch.  It does look like a magnifying glass though.  I do have a book called Dictionary of Symbols by J.E. Cirlot, I will browse through and see if I can find it.

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well first off a hint to the symbol : Gaming

As for the method, it is pretty simple I sand the area in steps from 80gt 120gt 22ogt then jump to 400gt, I stain the entire surface with a light stain, let dry 000 steel wool sanding then I cover up the shape I want left in the light stain then add a darker stain, repeat with 000 sanding after removing what you use for the symbol then a top coat or 2 of poly with 000 steel wool sanding again inbetween coats. The trick to a clean looking symbol or shape is a fine sanding prior to adding the symbol with at least 400gt or there is always a chance of bleeding. when finished there are no visible differences on the surface all flush....

if you are doing a surface with a rough or porous finish I apply CA glue and scrape it across area so it fills all the minute little low spots with the glue kinda like they do guitar bodies. then I do everything above. 


the symbol or shape you want can be added with frog tape or vinyl sticker as I have used. hope it helps.....

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