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Evolution Rage 2 355 tct cut off saw


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Hi Folks,

I recently bought the Evolution Rage 2 T.C.T blade cut off saw.

I am on a development that is part industrial and part residential, and am fitting the cold mains booster pumps and break tanks and also cast iron waste and soil pipes.So this saw was for cutting the plastic pipe prior to fitting and also for cutting threaded bar and Uni-strut so that I could use my battery grinder for the areas where setting up a corded tool would just take too long.

Anyway the box arrived and I duly put it in the van and the next day off to the job site I go.

When I unpacked the tool it was all assembled and apart from the slide on pipe v block which is very handy I might add that was it, plug in and play.

Happy days I thought.

That was until I made my first cut with a scrap bit of pipe to check things out,that's when I discovered to my horror that the guide that adjusts to allow you to cut angles as well as acting as a back fence, would not set to the square position.

I have ended up having to ( with the assistance of a workmate) drill the offending part to elongate the adjustment slot, thus allowing the damn thing to be adjusted properly and therefore cut a nice square cut on the end of the pipe.

Otherwise the tool has performed flawlessly and has cut everything I put in it with no heating up of the work and very little filing required to remove any sharp edges.

The hinge of the saw is wobble free, the trigger very smooth and it produces a lot less noise than I was expecting.And produced hardly any sparks at all when cutting metal.

However it is a heavy tool, do not buy this if you are not up to carrying very heavy items.

I am disappointed the tool needed to be fettled to get it to cut square, but even so the quality of the cut and the way it can cope with wood,plastic and metal has more than made up for it.

I have been assured such quality control issues are rare,and I could (if I had time) have returned the tool for exchange.

All in all a great tool and don't let this put you off buying one. :)

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