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34 minutes ago, BMack37 said:

How much did that thing cost? I really could use a pressure washer but I'm totally lost as far as knowing what's remotely good quality without going by cost.

Bought it last year for around $400 @ pressure washer direct, the customer service was pretty good. They have different people specialized in specific products.

With the variable speed dial and different tips, it allows for various types of jobs, even car washing. So far I am very happy with it !!

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Thanks Pro, I was researching for a while, .....Honda engine ?? Pump ??? The guy I spoke to at pressure washer direct seemed very honest and knowledgable. I called there several times before I purchased. I thought the Generac would be a god fit because of it being adjustable.....

i was shocked when it started first pull after sitting for a few months. Filled it with a full tank of Non-ethanol, and SHAZAM !!! Started right up, ran all day, had it for a little over a year.....  

So far so good !!!!!

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17 hours ago, KnarlyCarl said:

Wait, Variable pressure? I just caught that!!! How's that working out for you? Very interesting


It's great Carl !!!

after starting, just turn the dial, Select between 4 fixed points. Not sure of the psi numbers, but there are pictures that show the type of use. (It basically changes the engine speed for more pressure)

I use lowest pressure setting with a foam cannon to wash my truck ..... (Yes I said foam cannon)..no damage at all !!!

very handy to go from that to a wooden fence, then to concrete 

it really handles all the jobs well !

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