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  1. General Tool Trivia

  2. When Dogs go to Heaven.

    Terrible weekend. I'd refrained from posting out of respect, but we got a Great Dane pup last week. Papers, good blood line, etc. $1400 dog, but we got her for $800 through a friend who deals with the breeder a lot. Sharp as a tack. We went camping with some good friends of ours. The had an 8 month old Great Dane and were actually the ones who convinced my wife to get one. We took the Danes with us and had a great time until we woke up this morning and found their Dane dead. Had to have been heart failure. Yesterday he was playing with the kids and having the time of her short life. Went to bed around midnight. He went out to pee at 3:30 and was fine. Went back to his kennel and went back to sleep. When we woke up at 7:00 he was dead. No struggle that would indicate a seizure or anything, no bowl movements, just went to sleep and didn't wake up. Breeder has an excellent reputation, has already refunded the price of the dog, and has requested a vial of blood to have tested. Pretty sad way to end such a nice trip ☹️
  3. What tools did you buy today?

    I ordered several dozen Flying Dutchmen blades for it, but even with the factory blades it cuts nice. Once I get a little practice, I think it'll be an enjoyable hobby.
  4. What tools did you buy today?

    Today I got the accessories in for my 788 scroll saw. The light kit, the lift, and the knobs all showed up, so as soon as my blades arrive, I'll be in business. The knobs are actually covers that slip over the shitty factory wing style knobs. These are made by a 77 year old scroller outside Atlanta named Marcus Bailey. Tracking them down was somewhat interesting. I found his contact info on a scroll forum. He has no website, no YouTube channel, and I'm not sure he knew what Paypal even was. He talked to me for at least 15 minutes about scroll sawing, dropped the knobs in the mail on the same day (Saturday), and accepted a personal check that I wasn't even going to be able mail until Tuesday. He was possibly the nicest man I ever met. He talked in that deep southern accent that you can't help but love and when I told him I wouldn't be able to get his check in the mail until Tuesday he said "Not a problem young man. I've never met a scroller that was a thief, so I trust ya". He upgraded my knobs and restored my faith in humanity at the same time. I could have had any of my machinist buddies make them for me, but I'm glad I didn't. The lift is another home grown solution. There are several options for 788 lifts, but I liked this one the best for it's easy operation and felt it had the most upside. The 788 is a joy to use compared to the cheap saws of my youth. I hate having it tucked away in a crappy corner, but until I redo my shop, it's the best option I've got.
  5. When Dogs go to Heaven.

    My condolences Comp. my little Yorkie is without question my best and most loyal friend. It's almost like losing a kid.
  6. Today I had to pat myself on the back a little. My dad dropped his glasses yesterday and broke the tiny screw off in the tiny hole that holds them together. He he went to the eye Doctor and was told he'd have to replace the frames as they had no way of getting the screw fragment out without tearing them up. I cut a wood wood block to the exact height of the hinge, chucked a .65 mm drill bit designed for a dremel up in my drill press, and using extreme finesse, drilled that little bitch right out like a boss. No damage to the threads at all. I bought this little bit set years ago for under $10. Prior to today they had only been used a handful of times to drill through fingernails to release the pressure after I smashed them. By the time you figure what a doctor would have charged to do that, and the cost of a new pair of glasses, these little bastards have been a pretty strong investment.
  7. Stud Welders

    H&S is pretty much the standard in the auto/body industry. The Stinger Kit is probably the most popular, but runs around $350. You can find nice used ones on eBay for half that though
  8. Cordless Tool Trivia

    They released it a couple years ago in Europe IIRC, but not sure about The States. Hell, it may not have ever made it here.
  9. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Bosch makes one. Beyond that, I believe you're right.
  10. Always check your bevel

    Ever since I bought the digital bevel gauge, calibration has become an obsession. It seriously might be the best $30 I ever spent.
  11. Diablo Combination Blade Update

    Radial Arm Saw I'd have never thought of a combo blade on a miter saw either, but it cuts like a dream
  12. Dang it Doesn't Feel Good to be a (Tool) Gangsta...

    HD doesn't carry Marshalltown anymore?
  13. Scroll Saws?

    The primary advantage vs a bandsaw are the tight turn radius and the ability to thread the blade through the workpiece for for fully enclosed cuts. Much greater detail can be achieved.
  14. Scroll Saws?

    Today I ordered the work light and the Jim Dandy lift system for it. I considered The Lifter, but decided on the spring assisted Jim Dandy because of the ease of operation. Now I get to shop for a nice assortment of blades, and there are plenty to choose from.