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  1. Preordered with Labor Day 12% discount code! 😀 Acme
  2. Hmm, any idea on US release date for this? I’ve got three days in Walt Disney World, FL, with the family coming up in October. Wondering if I can swing by a Home Depot and grab one of these as a mobile picnic box. Can then load up with peanut butter M&Ms (not available in UK), tape the lid/handle down and check it in on way home....... Stoopid or inspired? EDIT: Specs above state volume of 30 quarts. Tough system cooler volume is 27 quarts. Huh?
  3. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07JHDTL47/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8
  4. Actually, the Dewalt/Stanley flip-bin case is incompatible with both systems standard. ($24 is a great price btw)
  5. Pfft, I got a week in Miami coming up in early June and one of these bad boys will be coming home to the UK with me (sans charger!) Any online retailers got stock or is this HD only at moment?
  6. Certainly compact compared to the Flexvolt 6Ah/9Ah models.
  7. Just buy bare.........
  8. Plenty of YT videos of these Chinese bikes hooked up to cordless drills, but if Dewalt made one with a built in built-in motor + 20V battery mount and pushed ‘em out as a $200 promo, who wouldn’t buy one? Or two? Probably too many regs for it to happen though.
  9. Big Adam

    Real or fake

    Old tool = Possibly fine, possibly not. Knock-off battery = Junk
  10. Sander that takes standard ‘pointed’ hook-loop pads. Essentially, a one-handed, more refined, less tiring option than using the current multi tool triangle adapter. Ryobi’s version looks like this:
  11. I’ll bite! My wish list would be: - 18V T50 Stapler (based on form factor to new cable-stapler) - 18V Hot Glue Gun - 54V Belt Sander - 18V (54V?) Heat Gun - 54V Capsule Coffee Machine (Why not?) - 54V (Tstak) Active Drinks Cooler - 54V Oscillating Fan (bigger form factor than current 18V fans - which I love) - 18V detail sander - 54V ‘Brompton style’ folding bike.
  12. Bin the UK charger. Buy a US charger of whatever flavour you desire. Job done. US 20V Max = UK 18V XR. Enjoy!
  13. Spanish Q1 On-Site now live. Think the final page shows new router and RO sander officially in EU for the first time. Also confirms the rotated battery for the EU sander. https://www.dewalt.es/partage/brochures-ES/Brochures/Folleto-ONSITE-Novedades-y-Promociones-Q1-2019.pdf
  14. Assume $249 is bare tool?
  15. New Dutch Q1 brochure: https://www.dewalt.nl/partage/brochures-NL/190025_DeWALT_OnSite Q1_NL-NL_dig.pdf Has several of the new tools although I’ve never seen anyone ‘freestyle’ with a jigsaw like the guy on page 15! (Crazy Hollanders) Not seen the backpack/rucksack before.
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