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  1. i have a couple, that turn white. an old proto #2 phillips, and a USA channellock. cleaned with mineral spirits, took the white rite off. wipe dry, air hose nozzle, and then rattle can satin urethane. they have held up for a few months now.
  2. Fluke recalls

    nope, mine's not on the list.
  3. OMT outlet box cutter

    drywall is easy enough to cut. i wonder how it would do on plaster?
  4. Retiring an old tool

    item received, thank you. very sturdy steel case, i'm sure i'll find something to put in it. you have an inbound, btw.
  5. Fluke recalls

    thanks! i think my clamp is one of those
  6. More Than One?

    cordless drills.......... operable............ 4 cordless drills.........inoperable........... 4 corded drills.....not including hammer ....... 7 (?) recip saws.......................... 7 or 8 grinders............................... 9 or 10 or 12 i cant carry everything on the truck, and i cant break down every job before running out on the next one. if i need something at that moment , ill buy it, rather than track it down wherever i dropped it
  7. DMM discussion thread

    all i use, is fluke. this is a olde partial pic, i have many attachments, and new additions.
  8. Retiring an old tool

    if you were closer, i'd grab it
  9. as previously stated, midwest or wiss. i had a set of the lenox, the handles are uncomfortable. i gave them away.
  10. Multi-bit screwdrivers vs. individual

    i have large quantities of both, fixed, and multi. multis spread out thru the realm.fixed, everywhere. i have fixed and (2) klein multi in my work toolpouch, i rarely grab a multi
  11. router templates

    just did 3 pairs of hinges for 2 doors and jambs damn that was quick! wish the 'depth' was more adjustable.last door i made, i set the hinges a little farther in/on/back. next dumb question, they use 3p double headed nails. quick google search reveals nada in that size. suggestions?
  12. What tools did you buy today?

    got another ebay purchase delivered. need only the 1/4'' now. armstrong polished long combo wrenches in sae, 5/16 to 1 3/16. need to work on metrics now.
  13. Bosch BAT411

    they had porter cable, de walt, bosch cordless on end cap, which all faced main aisle. 2-3 end caps, each brand. they had batteries for p/c & dewalt on those displays. bosch batteries were in an aisle, opposite end from all the end caps. the back section for bosch batteries was like in a 'dead' zone. wouldn't think they'd hide them, behind drywall tools.
  14. Gear wrench SAE set giveaway

    i dont get it
  15. Bosch BAT411

    cleared out the stock at lowes, #414 batteries. all 2 of them. and, it's not like they made them easy to find.