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  1. phffter

    Craftsman maybe make a comeback?

    tti makes the ridgid branded battery tools available at the orange box. emerson electric owns ridgid. ridgid still makes electric pipe threading machines, and a range of hand tools, including pipe wrenches. many of their hand tools are rebranded. been a long time since i have seen a new ridgid pipe mule, dont know if they are still USA made
  2. phffter

    List of discontinued Craftsman tools

    back a couple of years ago, when sears discontinued a huge swath of USA tools, the store clerks bought most, if not all, up.
  3. phffter

    Combination screwdriver, does anyone use them?

    not really. i have quite a few. if the work is near the garage, probably. any where else, i usually grab blade specific, usually a comfort grip. what manufacturer? i have many drivers
  4. phffter

    Heating the garage...

    Brrrrrrr........... a coupla years ago, heading into late fall, i just had to have heat in the carage for the coronet. i would up getting a 40k gas fired unit heater. buried 3/4 sch. 80 pipe with heavy couplings the depth of a spade shovel. i already had run a 1'' galv. pipe with 60a, 230v, along with a fist full of #14 a few years before (also at the depth of a spade). keep it at 45. nice getting into her car and its warm.
  5. phffter

    What tools did you buy today?

    didnt buy, acquired today. delta 40-540 scroll saw. kinda really silly cheap.
  6. phffter

    Power tools: carry bags vs hard cases

    i dont like bags. they dont stack on a 2 wheel buggy. im from a time when manufacturers put their product in a steel case. i have alot of the crypt tools in steel boxes. don't like the plastic cases. the tool has to be positioned just so, and the cord wound a particular way to be able to close the lid. and forget about putting extra blades or whatever extra in a plastic box. think i threw most of them out
  7. i have a couple, that turn white. an old proto #2 phillips, and a USA channellock. cleaned with mineral spirits, took the white rite off. wipe dry, air hose nozzle, and then rattle can satin urethane. they have held up for a few months now.
  8. phffter

    Fluke recalls

    nope, mine's not on the list.
  9. phffter

    OMT outlet box cutter

    drywall is easy enough to cut. i wonder how it would do on plaster?
  10. phffter

    Retiring an old tool

    item received, thank you. very sturdy steel case, i'm sure i'll find something to put in it. you have an inbound, btw.
  11. phffter

    Fluke recalls

    thanks! i think my clamp is one of those
  12. phffter

    More Than One?

    cordless drills.......... operable............ 4 cordless drills.........inoperable........... 4 corded drills.....not including hammer ....... 7 (?) recip saws.......................... 7 or 8 grinders............................... 9 or 10 or 12 i cant carry everything on the truck, and i cant break down every job before running out on the next one. if i need something at that moment , ill buy it, rather than track it down wherever i dropped it
  13. phffter

    DMM discussion thread

    all i use, is fluke. this is a olde partial pic, i have many attachments, and new additions.
  14. phffter

    Retiring an old tool

    if you were closer, i'd grab it
  15. as previously stated, midwest or wiss. i had a set of the lenox, the handles are uncomfortable. i gave them away.