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  1. kiwi_in_oz

    Need some advice on a saw I'm selling.

    If its $300 and brand new in the box, the most I'm paying is $200. Anymore I can just make a trip whichever closest store stocks them, probably screw them down a little and walk out with it for around $280. The hassle of buying it privately, is it as good as it says, picking it up, paypal, returning it if its faulty is not worth the hassle to save a few buck, it has be at least a 33% saving.
  2. kiwi_in_oz

    Home Depot

    But if bought new gear 18 months/2 years ago I'm not going to replace just because someone bought out a new model. I'll just wait until the old one dies. A new tool perhaps, 18v tracksaws/compressors etc.
  3. kiwi_in_oz

    Brushless Belt Sander!

    One of the few tools I just know that I'll never bother to own.
  4. kiwi_in_oz

    Home Depot

    I've always been told to never buy the first generation of a new tool. Wait for the 2nd generation, they'll work out the kinks and they're normally on sale a few months after they are released. Cordless saws just don't have the grunt if your making cut after cut after cut. They're handy no doubt, but electric saws are more consistent and you don't have to stop and change out/charge batteries.
  5. kiwi_in_oz

    What tools did you buy today?

    Bosch bulldog hammer drill, and a 2 9amp and 2 5amp Milwaukee battery to replace a few older dying models.
  6. kiwi_in_oz

    Home Depot

    All of the brands do it down here. You buy anything bare tool (skin). Cases don't worry me, I throw most of the hard cases out.
  7. kiwi_in_oz

    What tool put a smile on your face today?

    I call it a slidehammer, have also heard them called a peashooter. Put up to 3" nail in the tip and the handle slides and hits the nail in. Sometimes you just can't get a gun or hammer in a gap
  8. kiwi_in_oz

    What tool put a smile on your face today?

    This, sits in the van all year, barely ever gets get used. But its makes life a lot easier when you need it.
  9. kiwi_in_oz

    DYIer looking for a good tool platform.

    TTI don't own Ridgid. Emerson own Ridgid along with the Ridgid pumbing comapny, but have a licensing agreement with TTI to manufacture power tools under the Ridgid name. These same tools are known as AEG outside of the US which TTI do own.
  10. kiwi_in_oz

    60V max vs 54V XR

    Just buy it, there the same thing like zinzander said.
  11. kiwi_in_oz

    DeWalt Power Planer leaving streaks

    Use your router http://samuraicarpenter.com/woodworking-hacks-52-wide-planer-with-a-router-samurai-carpenter/
  12. kiwi_in_oz

    Advice needed, DeWalt vs Milwaukee SDS plus

    According the to the specs the Milwaukee will hit more often and faster when drilling. I now remember how expensive power tools were in NZ MILWAUKEE Battery type - Li-ionVoltage - 18vImpact Energy - 4.3JMax. percussion rate - 0 - 5000bpm DEWALT Specifications: Voltage: 54V No Load Speed: 0-1000rpm Impact energy (EPTA 05/2009): 3.5J Blows per Minute: 0-4480bpm
  13. kiwi_in_oz

    Grizzly TrackSaw

    Off course its not up to par with premium units, they're basically by track saw standards. I bought the Scheppach version (exact same saw) as my first track saw. Worked fine, throw the blade away and get a decent one and it worked fine. Not Festool/Mafell quality but for the price close enough. Don't know what happened to that saw, think I gave it too an apprentice.
  14. kiwi_in_oz

    Bosch needs some new executives.

    Bunnings stock Bosch Blue now
  15. kiwi_in_oz

    Jronviews #1- DeWALT DCS520T1 Flexvolt Track Saw

    You can get cordless vacuums, they're awesome. But not really the point. I'll pick up one of these saws soon, I don't always use where dust extraction is needed. And sometimes you just need it for 2-3 cuts, just seems like it will be quicker and easier.