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Lowes is struggling

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3 hours ago, comp56 said:

I wrote the lengthy post above on this very subject, but can't blame anyone for missing the link in the wall of text. ☺


We can only hope that this is a proactive business move that is designed to streamline Lowe's operations, as opposed to the reactive measures taken by Sears in recent years.  Unlike the latter chain, Lowe's seems to stay fairly busy, well stocked, and with newer stores, technology, and more helpful associates.  On the contrary, Sears mostly stuck with anchor locations in malls built 30-50 years ago, has archaic ('90's?) checkouts in most locations, and hard to find associates that are often unhelpful.

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Lowe's is far from Sears. In watching what Sears/Kmart has done since the merger was the most epic and disgusting blood letting of a business ever. I've yet to see one KMart or Sears sell their property, they just remain empty and when they have to pay Eddie back for his loans, guess what happens to the land. Happily, the value of the land has dropped significantly because of the demise of the mall. Ironic that the mail-order pioneer could have had the foresight to do what Amazon did (when they saw Amazon start to grow) and could have been the pioneer to online retail. Sadly a blood sucker bought the company. 


Lowe's looks to be fine BUT HD is leaning on them hard with the new Stanley deal taking it out of Lowe's. They'll be devoting a huge area to Craftsman and a lot of their success will be with how the new Craftsman is received. I think most "in the know" don't really care right now...but SBD seems to be leaning hard on tool reviewers and reality show builders to sing their praises.

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