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  1. Ironically, I found a motor listing on eBay for this model, and the seller said they had more parts if anyone was interested. Short story, I purchased a custome fence, miter gauge, and table saw sled made from MDF and Cherry wood... Now I just need a new blade and riving knife, and I think I'm set...by the time I'm done I probably could have bought a new Ryobi!!!
  2. I just came home with a good find, or so I thought. I bought the pictured Craftsman table saw...for $20!!!! It definitely needs a new blade...no biggie. But, it didn't come with a miter guide, or rip fence...and I'm too unfamiliar with table saws to even think of that until I got home! This was my "low cost entrance into table saw purchase"... Are there any universal options for rip fences, or miter guides that anyone knows of? I tried searspartsdirect.com, and no luck for this model. Any ideas would be appreciated!!!
  3. Been a while since I posted, hope everyone is doing great! I've moved 1100 miles, and the new house is almost done. I had to sell a lot of my tools/equipment when I moved from NY to FL, so I'm going to be in the market for a mower. I am really looking for a high capacity push mower or walk behind (~28"-32")...but I don't want to spend a fortune. I would think $500 would be appropriate for a 30" walk behind...not $1000 like the Toro Timesaver that Eric loves when he reviewed it with Dan on TIA. I'm sure it's an awesome machine, but for that cost I'd rather just buy a riding mower. I only will have about 1/4 acre, and it's mostly flat land (like all of FL). Any suggestions??? Thanks TIA Crew!!!
  4. These are pretty cool....can the antlers hold anything, like a bottle of beer?
  5. The "workbench" was actually in my basement...it has a kitchen laminate countertop. The previous owner used this to fold laundry, and as basement storage....it was already assembled...there is actually sheetrock on the sides, and back that the wallpaper is stuck to....not my idea / construction. I actually just replaced the PVC screwdriver holder because my collection is outgrowing the space: http://www.amazon.com/Stalwart-75-3073-Deluxe-Storage-Mounting/dp/B00495Z9G2/ref=sr_1_28?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1418065093&sr=1-28&keywords=stalwart That is now in it's place.
  6. That Makita router looked pretty appealing!
  7. I got the replacement Sheetmaster, it appears to be a bit heavier, and no issues....fingers crossed!!!
  8. What would add to the story is if you built a flux capacitor light somewhere in the shop!!!!....ok, no, that would be corny...
  9. That's cool Conductor! What is it made out of? Is it metal?
  10. Wow, I'm sure that was the toughest project you've ever completed. Not only is it very cool that the project holds signifcant personal value to you, but the Urn looks beautiful. One of a kind, and superior craftsmanship!!!
  11. I'm really curious what this will actually look/feel like....
  12. Lol DR, thanks for the input guys. I got the sheetmaster just because I'm only going to buy one of these, and it might as well be able to handle a full sheet of plywood...I'll let you guys know if I hit any more snags!
  13. I don't think this goes in the Hand Tools section...but definitely doesn't go in Power Tools! So, I'm that guy....the one guy to have a problem with the Jawhorse! I don't have any issue with the product....super innovative, and it can make a simple task of material support almost a joy to do....I used to spend so much time finicking with material I was working on to make sure it was level, straight, and perfect before I made any cuts....I want my work to be as close to perfect as possible...the Jawhorse makes that soooo much simpler with it's capabilities. My issue is that the Jawhorse I purchased appears to be defective. When I switch the latch down in the lock position, and try to pump the pedal to secure a work piece, the pedal would not lock down... After fooling around with it for a while, I got it to start "slipping" the lock mechanism...and realized there is something faulty at the end of the "rail" where the clamp slides....there are 2 little pressure points that play some role in the locking mechanism...and there wasn't enough pressure on the back end for it to lock properly. I figured all this out in my second use of it....not too happy. Fortunately, I purchased through Amazon, and I'm going to get a replacement...but I'm still not happy about having to spend a lot of money on material support for a top quality product, and get a defective model....but, as long as I get a good one next delivery, I'll be happy! Anyone have similar problems? Anyone know of anyone else with a Jawhorse problem? (I dont)... Does anyone have any advice, or thoughts? Thanks!
  14. Holy crap! That's nice man....really, top notch work. I would expect to see that craftsmanship in an expensive resort! Well done!
  15. Chris, do you use the pellet stove to heat the entire house? Or do you have another form of heat to help supplement?
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