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  1. PB360C is available online at Ohio Power Tool. $199 plus $50 shipping then i would rather wait until it comes available at lowes or amazon
  2. yeah oiled air compressor is the way to go when you want it to last
  3. oh they refunded the money and also arranged pick-up via UPS
  4. i was debating the whole time between: IR 4gal twin stack (really good reviews and for $299 a good price) Makita BigBore ( i had it in my shop for testing but its way too loud ) Rolair VT25BIG or something.... ( for $450 kinda on the expensive side ) anyway; couple weeks i went to Lowes and i walked thru the air compressor section. found a Porter Cable 4gal compressor (was $199) on clearance for $75 brand new. i searched on the internet and i just found really good reviews. So i bought it. 4gal, 1HP, Oil-lubricated pump delivers 3.4 SCFM @ 90 PSI i am really really happy with that compressor. amazing good price too here a link from the air compressor, homedepot.com had it too http://www.homedepot.com/p/Porter-Cable-4-Gal-Stack-Tank-Electric-Air-Compressor-PCFP02040/205160909
  5. sounds good...i hope the PB360S price gonna drop a bit more and i'll buy that one....but im still interested in the 360C
  6. i bought the Bosch PB180 for $20 on clearance at lowes. the battery holds up for weeks when i work outside in the yard. just love it and for the price too haha.
  7. the app can do quite a bit. maybe they will add more features to it...
  8. i hope there is no rain in the weather forecast
  9. that for sure. but not quite as fast as electromage's BMW haha
  10. at least he didnt take the picture while driving to the hospital and spammed it all over facebook lol
  11. Powerbox 360S is now at $129 with coupons here and there maybe down to 100 or 110. Powerbox 360C (bluetooth) gonna start at $199, release date unknown but this year. not quite sure if i gonna buy it. Still saving money for Bosch's blower. i heard it will be release in spring '16 in germany...here prolly end of '16 or unkown lol
  12. that for sure comp prolly next year
  13. my ride: cant remember which year but its fun
  14. madman_us

    3k postings

    finally i reached 3000 postings including couple weeks or better to say months being away, afk from the forum. when i joined the team last year i never thought to get so many postings, but here i am now lol.- im happy to be back...time was rare in the last months for me. Off to another couple thousands postings with the TIA crew!!!!
  15. not quite sure if i should pull the trigger for that deal or save the money and get the bluetooth powerbox (PB360C)
  16. my face started to hurt just by looking at the picture
  17. hole hawg btw: thats a way how to boost up posts lol
  18. great little shed. i wanna see some pictures too from the inside job i think any building above 120sqft needs a permit (maybe its different in each state, city) i can build here a 10x12 shed and dont need a permit.
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