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  1. PowerBox360C will be out soon. And it gonna include Bluetooth. but still no remote added to the radio like the Deluxe version
  2. i just knew you get 5% discount when you pay with your HD card in the store...but you have to ask for it ( they do it to beat Lowe's credit card deals) but the 10% off is pretty cool. i try that next time when i wanna order something from homedepot.com any particular reason for the 10% discount? to beat lowe's mover discount or any other discount coupons?!"
  3. yeah the clearance section is a hit or miss....i have more luck at lowes tho
  4. i have the same one and i love it. and i agree with the indicator LED's they are hard to see, specifically when its bright outside. tons of torque, lightweight ... just perfect
  5. or maybe they are just late with the delivery not to bad of a price. it would be nice to see it as a kit. lboxx1, 2 batteries and a charger....but that will come too, just a matter of time and amazon has a promo going on: This Item Is Included in Our Free Bosch 12V Starter Kit PromotionFrom September 1, 2015, through October 31, 2015, when you purchase two select Bosch 12V bare tools, you can get a free Bosch 12V starter kit when all items are shipped and sold by Amazon.com. All products must be added to cart. Discount automatically applied at checkout.
  6. range is 150 feet bluetooth http://www.boschtools.com/Products/Tools/Pages/BoschProductDetail.aspx?pid=PB360C#benefits would be nice if it comes with a remote like the powerbox deluxe. looks like they didnt change anything. just added bluetooth to the regular powerbox
  7. its not the "thinking" about whats important....its more likely no freaking energy to check out the forum. sometimes i wished the day would have more hours
  8. prolly busy....like me in the past couple weeks...but im back now
  9. yeah i heard about that too. but i havent seen any pics or news about it. the powerbox deluxe version is pretty cool, but discontinued from the us market.
  10. i think the bay will get more use than the wireless charging holster, specifically for contractors
  11. i found recently this new item from Bosch. a wireless charging bay for Lboxx's. just leave your battery in the lboxx and it gets charged ( actually you can have 2 batteries in there and they will get charged at the same time )
  12. the discounted items are a joke. not even worth it.
  13. hey guys, looks like that the radio maybe gets discontinued or we gonna see a newer model soon. any how its on sale everywhere. Homedepot, Lowes, amazon.com http://www.homedepot.com/p/Bosch-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Power-Box-Job-Site-Radio-Charger-Tool-Only-PB360S/202531308
  14. yeah i started to take couple classes at the college here. plus we have about 50 chickens lol and i still have to build a big chicken coop for them
  15. haha...man so busy with work and school...will open a new post soon that im back
  16. oh nice....$179 plus all those discounts
  17. madman_us

    New tool day!

    looks good. i need a cordless circular saw soon too
  18. great buy comp....good price on those items
  19. oh yeah - saving up some money sounds good right now
  20. what kind of siding you gonna use for your shed?
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