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Festool DC with other tools


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I've read competing things on this topic, so I wanted to hear from the festool owning crowd in the crew.  I've got an assortment of different tool brands that I might want to hook up to DC.  If I happened to pick up a MIDI or one of the CTs, what would be the drama level of hooking up to my tools?  I've read that there are basically no adapters that fit the festool hoses to make them standard sizes.  I've also read that the Bosch ones fit - tools or adapters, couldn't tell.


So, the question I have for the crew in the know is - what is the difficulty in finding adapters to fit your Festool DC up to non-Festool power tools?  I'd need to hook it up to my Bosch router and perhaps my miter saw (2 1/2") or a circular saw, if I ever get around to hooking that up.




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I use my Bosch ROS65VC in combination with Festool Modi all of the time. No problems whatsoever. Also if finding an appropriate size connector for a tool that may not fit is easily accomplished by purchasing the universal DC kit from Rockler. But as it stands, my Bosch works fine without any adapter, plugs righ into the power port on my Midi and the DC anti static hose hooks right up.

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On 8/5/2016 at 3:03 PM, ChrisK said:

heres a video I shot 



Video is marked private, but thank you for confirming that this will work.


I've also re-enforced my opinion that the crew is a serious bunch of enablers :D  Not that I ever really want to be talked out of buying tools, mind you.  I have an appointment with two new restoration companies coming out tomorrow afternoon. If they come in too expensive for cleaning & re-insulating the non-four-stories-in-the-air part of the attic, I'll be going green for an extractor and possibly a sander. 


Who am I kidding - if they come in with pretty much any level of padding, I'll be doing it myself.  Save some money and I get a new toy to keep when all is said and done?  How is that a decision?  The real choice becomes which one to get.  Is the AC worth the extra $$$ or go with a MIDI and a dust deputy? 

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