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Planer In-feed Roller Chain Drive Repair


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ok so I have being using my 12- 1/2" planer for several hundreds of board feet of stock although this model is a cheaper type compared to others it has served me quite well.....never had any issues with all kinds of hardwoods and such. However this morning as I running some Black Ash though it I hear a bang and the feed stops........shut it down and remove stock ......hmmm

so I investigate and find out a chain has popped a link.......(I didn't take pics until what you see) anyway as what I could tell the chain link didn't brake it only came apart and dropped the chain so with my trusty metal bench vise I was able to replace pin back into link and pien end.....

I was able to connect chain and then put it back on sprocket because the sprocket could be removed easily......I will post some more pics as I get it back together.....






ok drive rollers installed with proper tension and chain on both sprockets....success.....just have to re-assemble everything


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I appreciate your post, I just had the same problem on my identical planer. How hard to turn are your feed-in rollers? Mine seem stiff and I wonder if that contributed to the chain breaking. Also I can't turn the drive sprocket by hand, but I am assuming that that is because there is a gearbox between that sprocket and the motor.

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