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Harbor freight or horrible freight


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do you guys like harbor freight

what are things you would recommend from there and things you recommend to stay away from 


i have the 18 gage nail gun and wire wheels from harbor freight and they are well worth the money and so far have held up well

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I take it one item at a time ....

i am very happy with their wooden workbenches .... Typically my rule is ... If it is for one time or very rare use, go for it .

if I plan on using the crap out if it, I generally stay away ...

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1 hour ago, JimboS1ice said:

Anything with a cutting edge I generally avoid, I have their composite ratchet that's not bad and their impact extensions, that's about it... I had a HF drill once....


Agree with this but there is ONE cutting edge tool that is really good. The micro flush cutter is super sharp.


I hear their Pro Impact sockets are very good, the regular impact sockets are terrible(again, what I've heard).


Here are a couple of semi-related topics I started:

Do not buy thread: http://professional-power-tool-guide.com/power-tool-forum/index.php?/topic/9514-do-not-buy-thread/&page=1

Good, cheap tool finds: http://professional-power-tool-guide.com/power-tool-forum/index.php?/topic/9518-cheap-tool-buys-that-work-out-well/


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I use both pro and CrV sockets of both impact and chrome varieties. Never seen either crack and have seen them worn to bare metal and then some.  Your drawback on the CrV impact grade sockets is the thick wall. Stock up on their breaker bars. The fail point on them is the actual drive and the torque to cause it to fail is in the four digit range. The blue bolstered screwdrivers are decent but be warned that the bolster is not a true bolster and is independent of the screwdriver tang and can rotate independently on stubborn fasteners. Their ratchets are generally good but the occasional bad one is not easy on the knuckles.1471331879218596798789.jpg

The flux core welders run Lincoln wire half decently ( so I've heard ). Magnetic trays are nice. Superlube for your ratchets. Lots of Teflon and electrical tape. Zip ties are alright. Extra long open end wrenches are amazing as are their cheap open end wrenches. The Allen/hex hand sockets are worthless. The CrM hex impact sockets are very nice. Never had a problem with their extensions with the exception of the wobbles that chip quickly. Hose pliers are nice. Ball pein and dead blow hammers are worth the money fo' sho'. The floor jacks and bottle jackets are awesome. Stay away from the red plastic creeper cart. Love the Hardy col weather mechanics gloves. The Nitriles are very nice too. Free flashlights are nice to keep in toolboxes when you can't find a socket at night. The number letter stamp set is killer. Soldering iron is acceptable  for the price. Large adjustable wrenches are good if babied. Terrible if neglected. The large pipe wrenches are best bang for your buck. The jumbo wrenches are soft with shitty chrome but are a must for working with hydraulics. I think in morning.541995e0809bbbd62afba309c6d59127.jpg

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