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60V Flexvolt Grinder Review

Hugh Jass

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You know if you absolutely have to have it, you could check Home Depot. My local store is showing table saws @ $499, miter saws @ $799, reciprocating and circular saws @ $299.


I realize you don't get the bargains and the free tools this way, but you do get them in your hands, no wait involved. With bargains come the requirement for patience. If a company is allotted ten tools in an initial shipment and they sell thirty, twenty people are going to be disappointed. It won't be DeWALT's fault, it will be the company who took your money, knowing they weren't going to be able to deliver that tool in the anticipated time. Get mad at the right people. They could have been honest and told the folks after they sold the first ten, there would be a later ship date, but they didn't and kept taking people's money. 

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6 hours ago, 2448jman said:

my closest home depot has no sign of flexvolt. not even a section where flexvolt could go. seems a bit strange that theres not even spaces where out of stock flexvolt used to be. Hopefully factory authorized will ship soon. ordered a good 2 weeks ago.

If it is something you want, have you gone on to Home Depot's web site to see if your store has it in stock? Usually when I look for something on the web site it tells me what aisle, bay and bin it is in. Right now it is showing sold out on everything at my local store, so apparently they sold 2 of everything today. I am glad I didn't have my heart set on anything. They also have the option to check nearby store inventories and there are some still available in Virginia, they seem to concentrated in the DC suburbs and Richmond area.

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