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Need Input and help with User Choice Awards

Eric - TIA

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We are having our TIA User Choice awards and are in the process of putting them together, but need your help with two issues.  


1. We have a ton of different categories we will be including.  We are kind of stuck on how to set it up best.  We have it set up as a survey where each category will have multiple options.  Should we be more generic or specific, such as.  We have best 18V Cordless Impact Driver.  Do you think it is better to just list the manufacturers such as 

  • Milwaukee
  • Dewalt
  • Makita

 or should we be more specific like

  • Milwaukee - Model Number
  • Dewalt - Model Number
  • Makita - Model Number

If we are general, people can base it off the whole line of tools in that category.  If we are specific, the list is huge since Milwaukee, Makita and others have a variety of 18V Cordless Impacts Drivers.


2. Does anyone want to help and head this project up.  We all ready have some people who will test and give feedback, so once everything is done, we have testers.  We just want to see if someone wants to help.  They will get a tool (Not sure what yet, but will be valued at over $100).  If you are interested, PM me on the forum.  Who ever asks first, will probably be the person.


We will send you the link .  All the categories are set up.  We are using Google Form, so you do need a Google account or Google email address.  It very easy to use, all you have to do is go to each section and enter the information.  Here is an example


We have it laid out "Best 18V Cordless Hammer Drill" - Done

All you have to do is enter either the manufacturer in alphabetical order or the manufacturer with the model number, depending upon how people feel the choice awards should be laid out.


This is time sensitive since it's getting towards the end of the year and we still have to allow time for people to test it and get their feedback.


If you have any questions let me know.  If not please leave your feedback below on how best to set up the awards.

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